Reporting Bugs

Get hit with a bug and want to get it fixed?

Well good news because we love fixing bugs even more than creating them!

Here's the best way to get it a fix from the Polar team!

Reaching out on Discord

We have a public Discord chat community which all the Polar developer listen to:

This is a great place to get your bug fixed.

Creating an Issue

We have a public issue tracker on Github:

Record a Video

Polar supports the ability to record a video in-app and send it directly to the team.

Just click the "Send Video Feedback" button at the bottom right:

Sending Logs

More complicated bugs might need a copy of your logs (which might have an error).

You can go to: "Settings" | "View Device Info" | "Logs" then click "Copy to Clipboard" and send them to the Polar team.

Console Logs

It this doesn't work you might have a more severe bug and we have to get the errors from the Javascript console.

Right click on the page and click "Inspect".

There should be a tab for "Console" ... click that.

It should look like this:

Copy all the errors and send them to a Polar developer (Discord, Email, Github, etc.)