Reporting Bugs, feature requests, and getting help

Get hit with a bug and want to get it fixed?

Well good news because we love fixing bugs even more than creating them!

Here's the best way to get it a fix from the Polar team!

Reach out through Intercom

The fastest way to reach us is in-app through Intercom. Please note, some ad blockers block Intercom from working properly. If you hit the Intercom button and nothing happens, turn off your ad blocker and it'll work fine.

Reaching out on Discord

We have a public Discord chat community which all the Polar developer listen to:

This is a great place to get your bug fixed.

Sending Logs

More complicated bugs might need a copy of your logs (which might have an error).

You can go to: "Settings" | "View Device Info" | "Logs" then click "Copy to Clipboard" and send them to the Polar team.

Console Logs

It this doesn't work you might have a more severe bug and we have to get the errors from the Javascript console.

Right click on the page and click "Inspect".

There should be a tab for "Console" ... click that.

It should look like this:

Copy all the errors and send them to a Polar developer (Discord, Email, Github, etc.)

Premium users get priority support

With Polar Plus or Pro, you also get premium support. Just click on the chat icon at the bottom right and we'll be right there for you. Compare our plans here.