Document Library

Organize all your reading in one place - PDFs, EPUBs, web pages

Your document library is where you first land in Polar. Here you can organize all your PDFs, EPUBs, and webpages in one place. Files can be uploaded by dragging them into the app window or using the Add document button at the top left.You can also add multiple documents at once.

You can also use our Chrome extension. and save a web page by clicking on the logo on the top right of your chrome bar. Wait until the page is loaded and then click Save to Polar.

Read about how to add web content using the Chrome extension here.

Manage your reading - Tags, Flag, Archive and detailed document info

With Polar you can do much more than read, learn and create annotations. If you want to organize and stay on top of your documents, then tags, flags and archiving will be your best friend.

All three options can be found on the far right of a document row in your dashboard, or on the top right when you're in a document.

Document options

With tags, you can assign each document to one or more self-appointed categories. This way you can later easily filter by these categories, and have your documents more organized by topics and categories.

Flags make a particular document stand out. You can think of it as a "favorite" button. Once you have flagged a document, you can simply click on "Flagged" in the top right corner of your dashboard, and you will see all of your most important documents.

Access flagged documents

You don't want to see a document in your dashboard anymore, but you don't want to delete it either? No problem, just archive your document by clicking on the center icon of the three icons and the document is archived.

Archive in Polar

Just come back to it later by clicking on the "Archived" button. You want to have more information about a document? No problem, just click on the three dots on the far right of a document line, or on the three dots on the top right when you are in a document.

3 dot option

Now you can open a document, rename it, tag and flag it, archive it, edit or download the meta information, delete the document, or download the document.

Furthermore, you can also organize your files in folders. Folders behave more like music playlists than traditional folders. Meaning, if you add or remove a file from a folder, you're not deleting the underlying file, you're just disassociating it from that folder. If you want to truly delete a file, you can do that in the library view.