Flashcard export to Anki

Polar allows you to export all your flashcards and import them to Anki

You can download all flashcards in the annotation viewer at the top right. This feature is available to all Plus/Pro users

The export supports both front/back and cloze deletions flashcards, and conserves text formatting (bold, italics,...)

Document options

By default, all flashcards are downloaded into one deck (titled something like polar-anki-deck)

If you want to download only flashcards in a specific folder or with specific tags, you can first select that folder or tag in the annotation viewer and then download them. You can export the flashcards into separate decks by tagging the relevant flashcards with deck:chem101.

Current limitations:

  • As of now, the export feature does not support image flashcards (on the roadmap) or nested decks
  • It is not possible to import Anki flashcards into Polar
  • All flashcards are synced each time, meaning if you import the same flashcard into Anki twice it will create a new instance of those flashcards