Polar Chrome extension

Polar’s chrome extension allows you to upload web content to your document library.

Adding the Chrome extension

Visit this link and click the Add to Chrome button.

Pin Chrome extension

If you’ve added the extension and you don’t see it, click the puzzle icon at the top right and pin the extension in the list. That way, it’ll be visible all the time and easier to access

Pin Chrome extension

Using the Chrome extension

Once you have installed the chrome extension, visit any website and click on the Polar chrome extension.

Pin Chrome extension

Once you click on the chrome extension, wait for the article to load within Polar and then click on “Save to Polar”

Pin Chrome extension

When you capture a web page with the Chrome extension, a snapshot is saved in your repository. Please note, this means that if the website is updated or deleted in the future, those changes will not be reflected in your captured version.

During the capture process, we fetch the full HTML including iframes, and store them in a portable PHZ file that can be used for long term archival of web content.

Additionally, we capture the document in a way to make them more usable and more readable. This is achieved using Mozilla's Readability.

That is it, the web content is now saved in your document library.

Power User Hack 💡

Select text on any web page and use the Chrome extension to only import the selection instead of the entire page.