Key Bindings for Common Polar Operations

Document Repository

delete Delete the current document

Document Viewer

  Finish tag input   Control-Enter   Will finish a tag input and select all the tags.  
  Complete Annotation   Control-Enter   Finishes an annotation and saves it to Polar. This includes flashcards and comments.  
  Toggle Sidebar   F10   Toggles the sidebar view when using the document viewer. The sidebar shows annotations in a ‘tree view’ including comments and flashcards.  
  Full Screen   F11   Enables full screen mode  
  Cancel   escape   Most components support Escape as a way to terminate entering data including tag completion.  
  Create Text Highlight   Control + Alt + T   Create a text highlight from the highlighted text  


  Create Cloze   Control+Shift+R   Will take highlighted text and make it a cloze deletion.  

Annotation Viewer

  Next Annotation   ```tab``   Go to the next annotation