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Polar is an integrated reading environment to build your knowledge base. Actively read, annotate, connect thoughts, create flashcards, and track progress.

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Your brain's capacity
coupled with AI

Save time in creating flashcards in one click from text highlights. We use OpenAI's GPT-3 to automate this tedious process. Review them with our spaced repetition algorithm or sync them to Anki.

Your Knowledge and Brain - Organized

Manage and save for later all your PDFs, EPUBs, and web pages in one place. Use tags, reading progress, and detailed document information to stay on top of your reading.

This is reading on steroids

Use the integrated reader to actively read, highlight, take notes, connect thoughts, and track progress with pagemarks. Build your detailed knowledge base with granular highlight tagging, and flashcards, directly from text highlights.

Web content
captured in one click

Use the Polar Chrome extension to save web pages in your repository.

Remember forever
what's important.

Review your annotations and flashcards directly in Polar using our spaced repetition algorithms.

Sync Your
Flashcards To Anki

Use your favorite open-source flashcard tool along with Polar. One click and all your Polar flashcards are synced to Anki.

Motivation built-in

Track your progress automatically. Commit to a daily number of pages to read or flashcards to review.

Light or Dark - you choose

Look, we get it - some people prefer dark mode, some light mode, We even internally are split on it. So we build both options for you to choose.

The PDF is adjusted to your choice - if you choose dark mode, your PDFs automatically convert to a dark background.

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