Polar supports folders for managing your files in a hierarchy.

We support both basic tags and ‘hierarchical’ tags.

To create a hierarchical tag, prefix the tag with a “/”. Example: /my/custom/hierarchy.

Once you tag a document with a hierarchical tag a folder will be created in the sidebar.

Regular tags are shown in the document to the right of the document title and hierarchical tags are shown in the left pane/sidebar.

Creating folders

Folders are just tags that have a path. For example linux would be a regular tag. But ‘/tech/linux’ would be a folder.

A document can be stored in multiple folders just like a document can have multiple tags.

Moving documents to folders

Once a folder is created, documents can be dragged from the document repository and dropped directly on the folder where you want it stored.

Differences between Filesystem Folders.

Polar folders are different than regular folders on your local hard drive:

  • A file can be in one or more folders.

  • Moving a file in a folder does NOT change the physical storage location on your local hard drive.


You can also select tags just on a specific folder for further filtering:

The annotations view also supports the folder setup. The main difference is that you’re now filtering by annotations and not documents and the counts per folder are different (annotations vs documents).