Web Page Capture

Polar supports long term web page capture and archival archival by downloading and caching the content. We store it in Polar as if it were any other type of document (like PDF).

This allows you to treat webpages like any other document and manage them with tags and annotations including text and area highlights, comments, and flashcards.

A key benefit of this is that it works like your own personal Internet archive for documents critical to your education. You can maintain the knowledge contained within using annotations and comments and use incremental reading to read large collections of web pages in parallel.

One issue with annotating documents on the web is that the author might change the document (or even delete it) thereby invalidating your annotations.

Polar prevents that by capturing the content on disk (and in the cloud) for your own long term usage.

During this process we fetch the full HTML, including iframes, and store them in a portable PHZ file that can be used for long term archival of web content.

Additionally, we capture the document in a way to make them more usable and more readable.

You can easily open the original URL of any captured webapge through Polar. Any potential changes on the website will not be reflected in the previously captured webpage.

Capturing text only

Instead of capturing an entire page, you can also capture just specific text. To do that, select the text to be captured and then click the Chrome extension. It will convert the selected text only into a file in your Polar repository.


Polar supports capturing the document in a more readable form by using Mozilla's Readability. The conversion into a more usable format uses epub as a basis.

Link Rot

Capture prevents the problem of "link rot" where URLs vanish from the web over time due to a natural form of attribution. Either the domain expires or the content is deleted or the location changed.

The Internet Archive has found that more than 9M URLs on Wikipedia return 404 error pages.

With Polar you never have to worry about this being an issue as you have a permanent long term copy of important content.

Chrome Extension

The Polar Chrome Extension allows you to send directly from Chrome into Polar. This is the easiest way of capturing webpages into your repository.

The extension works for any webpage. In the first step, it converts the webpage into an easy-to-read format. Clicking the button on the top right of that page captures the webpage into your repository.