Pre-Release Desktop Builds

We sometimes make pre-release builds for testing by the community.

These builds might have some new feature or change that we’re concerned might not work for all users.

This only applies to desktop builds. Not web or mobile builds.


These should not cause any damage to your datastore as we’re very conservative about what we release to users.

That said, you should probably perform a backup of your data just in case.


  • Start the current version of Polar and go to Help | About and write down the version number.

  • Download the pre-release version that you want to test from our releases page.

  • Shut down the current version of Polar

  • Install the pre-release as you would a new build. It will overwrite the version of Polar you have and leave your
    data in place.

  • Start Polar again and you should have the pre-release version. You can verify by going to Help | About

You will now have a pre-release version on your system.


If you’re having an issue with the pre-release version you can just download the stable version of Polar you were running before.