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Polar is an integrated reading environment to build your knowledge base. Actively read, annotate, connect thoughts, create flashcards, and track progress.

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Organize and Prioritize Your Reading

Upload PDFs and EPUBs, capture web pages with the Polar Chrome extension. Keep all your documents in one place. Manage and prioritize your reading with progress tracking, flagging, tagging, and more

Active Reading

Use Polar's integrated document viewer for active and incremental reading. Annotate, highlight text and areas, tag annotations, comment, use advanced pagemarks, and create flashcards from highlights.

Flashcards and Anki Integration

Create flashcards in one click from your annotations and highlights. Review them using spaced repetition algorithm or sync them with Anki.

Keep Track of Reading Statistics

Commit to reading a fixed number of pages per day and use it to encourage your reading.

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