The 15 Med School Tik Tok Influencers You Will Learn The Most From

Whether you’re looking to learn how to be successful in medical school, study for the MCAT or learn about what it’s like to be a doctor, it’s a great idea to look to people who are in or have already gone through med school for advice. We’ve looked at a long list of influencers and have hand-picked the most relevant ones for you.

These 15 med school influencers will answer your questions, inspire you with day-in-the-life content and give advice on what you should be thinking about. While there are a ton of accounts on Tik Tok right now, here are the ones we think you should be following.

The follower/likes numbers you see below are as of September 2020. - 236.7k followers, 6M Likes

A 4th year medical student with an MBA, Jake Goodman posts videos related to studying, mental health and humor, all with the goal of motivating you through med school. He also has a podcast called Destination Healthcare for aspiring healthcare professionals where he interviews doctors and nurses!

@medstudentkumail - 236.7k followers, 6M Likes

@medstudentkumail-45.1k followers, 954k Likes Kumail Hussain, an MS2 at The Chicago Medical School talks about his journey to med school, study tips and premed advice. He champions a positive mindset and staying real with his followers about his experiences so far.

@Shonnamissymehd - 153.4k followers, 3.6M Likes

A current anesthesia resident, Shonna makes videos with important tips for premeds, explains popular paths into med school and explains med school concepts. She also shares her experiences in being Black in medicine.

@Doodlesinthemembrane - 294.0k followers, 3.3M Likes

While technically not a doctor or a med student account, Jorge Calderin creates graphics to help students visualize and understand topics in chemistry, biology and physics.

@austinchiangmd - 294.8k followers, 10.1M Likes

A gastroenterologist and professor, Dr. Chiang holds his undergrad, MPH and MD from Columbia, Duke and Harvard. He labels himself as a medical mythbuster, and teaches his followers about all aspects of healthcare.

@PathdoctorMD - 37.0K followers, 1.2M Likes

Dr Lacey is a current medical resident who provides insight into her day to day, as well as humor around the entire process of becoming a doctor. She also creates content towards premeds, med students, women in medicine and being LGBTQ in medicine.

@Nicklongson - 15.7k followers, 686.9k Likes

Nick, an MS2 at California University of Science and Medicine, posts about his experiences on his path to med school and why he decided to become a doctor. His videos have incredibly high production value and mix humor in with valuable information.

@SophieMDMBA - 45.3K Followers, 671.1K Likes

A first year MD student in an MD/MBA program at Texas A&M College of Medicine, Sophie posts week-by-week synopses of her med school classes and talks about her interests in both being a doctor and pursuing an MBA. She provides great insight into what the first year of med school looks like, especially during COVID 19.

@drleslie - 814.5K Followers, 19.1M Likes

Dr Leslie is one of the most liked “Tik Tok Doctors”. She educates her followers on all aspects of their health, and addresses common questions as well as more complicated concepts. She also shares her days in the life as a resident and takes on politics and pop culture trends.

@joycethedentist - 40.1K Followers, 975.4k Likes

Joyce shares content related to oral health and how to take care of your teeth and gums. She also occasionally gives advice for aspiring dentists and how to decide on and do well in dental school.

@abis_anatomy - 7386 Followers, 296.7k Likes

On her Tik Tok and instagram accounts, Abi shares her life as an M2 student, as well as life with her husband and dog. She gives advice to aspiring med students, and even has a website where she helps applicants with admissions.

@adam_nessin - 111.6k followers, 1.2M likes

Adam is a doctor who discusses common medical terms to know as well as gives advice for aspiring premeds.

@mamadrjones - 684.2k followers, 15M likes

A gynecologist, Dr. Danielle Jones uses her platform to debunk myths with science. She discusses rumors on tik tok as well as news in the media, and sarcastically takes down falsehoods. She also shares her life with her 4 children in Texas.

@Doctormike - 22.5K Followers, 1.2M Likes

Dr Mike shares medical humor and commentary on memes and medical TV shows. While his account isn’t really focused around med school advice, he is great for any aspiring doctor looking for a laugh.

@DrFoodieMommy - 31.5K Followers, 1.3M Likes

An Obstetric Anesthesiologist and mom, Sonya makes videos about her life as a doctor, making it through med school and lifestyle content. Her content is positive and motivating since she is a well-established professional. She also has great recipes and a cute dog!

Obviously, there are some amazing medical Tik Tokers out there who can help you learn more about what you need to know for med school and being a doctor. Which Tik Tokers are your favorite? Did we leave any out? Leave a comment below!

Posted on: Oct 14, 2020
Polar Team

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