Polar 1.19.8 Released - Better Payments and Fixes

We've revamped our payments system for Polar Premium and the biggest change is that we're now accepting payments via Stripe.

We've manually migrated accounts from Open Collective and your payments will still process there while you have a regular premium account. If you have any issues please feel free to contact support@getpolarized.io.

We're going to be working to bring on a few more premium features in the next couple weeks. These include:

  • Watch directories that can automatically import documents into Polar.
  • Markdown support
  • Dark mode

We're not 100% certain of the timeline on these features as some of them are a bit difficult to implement.

We're also working on a few major changes that are taking a bit longer - mostly because they're very technically complicated. These aren't available yet but are 50-80% complete.

This includes:

  • Folder view that extends our tagging system with a full hierarchy.
  • Tabbed browsing for the desktop / Electron version of Polar
  • ePub support

If you'd like to see these features sooner rather than later the best way you can help (besides a pull request) is to upgrade to Polar Premium.

Changes in 1.19.8 Include:

  • New payment system for Polar premium based on Stripe.
  • Fixed bug when dragging area highlights.
  • Fixed regression in the webapp where PHZ files couldn't be loaded.
Posted on: 02 Jun 2019

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