Polar 1.18.0 Released

This release mostly focused on improving stability and implementing a few key UI features. This upgrades us to Electron 5.x which as needed for some users who were experiencing severe latency using Polar on Linux. We also resolve a key issue with non-atomic writes.

This includes a good chunk of the new sharing functionality but it’s not enabled yet.

  • Big upgrade to latest version of Electron. Electron v5.0.0, Chromium v73.0.3683.119, Node v12.0.0, v8 v7.3.492.27-electron.0. This should hopefully fix a major latency issue some users were seeing on Ubuntu/Linux.
  • Major performance fix on large PDFs. Scrolling should be dramatically improved. There's still a small latency issue we're seeing but already performance is dramatically improved.
  • Enabled atomic writes again for all platforms.
  • Filtering for tags now lists the tags alphabetically
  • Right click on text highlight now add 'scroll into view'
  • Upgraded to latest version of Typescript 3.4.3
  • Fixed regression where progress wasn't being updated when progress messages were being sent from the renderer process.
  • Fixed bug which resorted in two file uploads to firebase while cloud sync was operational. For large files this was very painful and resorted in 2x data being uploaded.
  • Fixed bug where the UI would break when both filtering and removing tags on a document that was visible.
  • Increased the sidebar a bit to accommodate updating comments without overflow of the summernote bar.
  • Using the same account widget on web + desktop now.