Polar 1.11 Released

Version 1.11 has fewer features than our normal weekly releases. The next release will take a bit longer and we wanted to get a version released sooner rather than later.

  • Feature: More consistent header bar throughout the app.
  • Feature: Pagemark batches which help working with PDFs that have multiple pages. Now if you create pagemarks across pages you can delete one and the whole batch is also deleted.
  • Feature: Page number in markdown export
  • Feature: Disabled the top message boxes. They were annoying and only a stop gap until we have a proper onboarding mechanism.
  • Bug: Fixed bug with page zoom not working properly in the HTML viewer. The zoom now works but pagemarks still aren't placed properly.
  • Upgrade: Electron 3.1.2
  • Donate and Discord buttons in header. These are important.
  • Feature: Setting POLAR_DISABLE_HARDWARE_ACCELERATION should disable hardwawre acceleration now if that's causing a problem for you.