Polar 1.10 Released

The 1.10 release focuses on a number of medium-scale features but also improves stability across the board.

Updated UI

The most obvious feature is that the UI has been significantly updated to support a new fixed header bar bar.

One of the motivations for this was that users were getting confused when using the app for the first time and didn't know how to add content. Now there's a large '+ Add' button front and center which is a clear call to action.

Additionally, the added space allows for selecting multiple items.

Tagging Multiple Items

You can now tag multiple items in the UI by holding down shift (or control) and then clicking on the items you want to modify.

Shift allows you to select a range and control allows you to select one at a time.

At the top left a new 'tag' button will pop up and you can then assign tags to multiple documents at once. This is very handy for new users that want to bulk-tag multiple documents.

Additionally, you can now sort by tags and if you hit the 'tags' column header at the top, twice, you can see untagged documents and then tag them in bulk.

This can be used when importing a large number of documents at once that all have the same tags.

New Exporter Framework

Many users requested the ability to easily export annotations from Polar and we've shipped an initial implementation of exporting content.

Note that you have always had the ability to export the raw content in JSON form but this is designed to make exports more usable.

In the annotation sidebar there's a new button for 'Export' which allows you to write the annotations to JSON or Markdown.

Right now it only supports writing to a file but we're also going to implement support for writing to the clipboard as HTML format for easily posting your annotations to your blog, Twitter, etc.

The plan is to enable exporting in the 'annotation' view which would allow you to export all your annotations based any filters you define. This would allow you to preview the annotations and then export them in bulk without having to open up a specific document.


  • Feature: Migrated to fixed nav header
  • Feature: GDPR notice in place.
  • Feature: Shift selects a range of documents, control selects one document at a time for multiple documents at once.
  • Feature: Implemented a basic exporter framework. Annotations can now be exported from the sidebar. Exporting will be improved over time with more features.
  • Bug: Fixed (I hope) long standing ugly bug of 'crash' of Electron on app exit due to windows not being destroyed via destroy(). Close does not release the resources properly.
  • Bug: Fixed bug where long titles in URLs could generate filenames that were too long and couldn't be represented on the filesystem. We not truncate at 50 chars.
  • Feature: New buttons for '+ Add' to import from disk or capture web page. Much easier to determine how to add content to polar.
  • Feature: multi-select and ability to tag multiple docs at once.
  • Feature: Sorting by tags is now much better and actually works. If you double click the sort column it will show you untagged documents sorted by the time they were added.
  • Dependencies: Update to electron 3.1.1
  • Bug: Fixed bug where hitting Enter when working with a title would cause the page to reload.
Posted on: 23 Jan 2019

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