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I wanted to discuss what was going into polar 1.8 which we just shipped (I think a couple days ago( and there's some really cool features in here and unfortunately I didn't get a chance to create this video when we cut the release so I'm probably gonna do a 1.8.1 which includes this video but there's a few other small features so a lot of really cool stuff went into this release I think one of the most usable features was better PDF import from the web so you know this is the polar button and one of the things we did recently is we I public I computed the top 500 PDFs on hacker news for 2018 I also do this for polar but with a new version of polar you can really easily import these so let's just say this competitive programmers handbook that will then load up into the browser and then we can just click this which will then get saved into polar the download started it gets kicked off and gets automatically imported and there we go and worked perfectly that was a great tip oh it's amazing when you actually did a demo something and it actually works anyway it should be you know it becomes part of your repository after at that point so and then it's uh it's just you know another one of the documents that you can use so another feature that we added is let's see here this is a document that I was editing recently we added support for rich text annotations so I'm just gonna clear that page mark and just this is just an example but if you go and you create a highlight and you go to add a comment now at the top you get these formatting options now before actually this field here was rich text and you could you know put images and stuff in here and it will just work but uh some people didn't couldn't just they didn't realize and so they're asking for the feature of full HTML and so I changed that to make this a little bit more obvious that's actually related to this next feature which is closed deletions for flash cards so you can go over here now and so this is a front and back card which is at fault and you can just change this to close a few is close you create a little flash card with this is closed you can either click this button and it'll make that a closed deletion or you can just come up here and do you can just do something like this ctrl C I think it's yeah shift ctrl C will do that for you and you just run it by the keyboards the same keyboard that Anki uses so either either way work I'm not gonna create that flash card so you know closed lesions were something that users really wanted they're really asking for that so I'm glad we've got that got that in there for you so the other really nice feature is stats view so if you come into stats it shows you some just in some initial stats we're planning on expanding on this one of the things that I want to add is reading like the pages read per day so that way you can actually track how you know you're reading over time and then I want to implement the streak functionality so like if you've been reading for five days ten days in a row so then we'll just show a big five up here and then you can keep him you know for me it's actually encourages me to to keep reading what I know when I actually have quantifiable data behind it so this is gonna be expanded but right now we just have some initial stats if there's a stats that you guys think would be valuable around your reading and they're easy to implement just let me know and I'll just go and do it then we also have a logs view which is nice so the logs view is used so that way we can actually understand what is happening in the background so if you have a bug or a problem this actually is the exact same log that is displayed in the JavaScript console so now what you can do is if there's any issue you can just copy it to clipboard we wrote the role text to the clipboard then you just paste it into a bug report for me so that way I can fix it easily that's really helpful for when you guys report a bug and I don't really have access to your machine you can just send me the logs so another really cool feature is this option right here you go to tags we now have support for related tags so let's see I think this one will work that's really interesting do this one growth there we go really two tags so the other excuse me the other posts didn't have enough data to show related tags but I often talk about startups and she's me read a lot of documents about growth and growing companies early on and trying to grow products and get an initial user base and so that really helps me because I can also add it reminds me to add these secondary tags and the more data you put into polar the better gets to compute the related tags so essentially the way it works is that it uses the tags you have and builds a collaborative index of you know Co Co similarity basically so it's saying like okay the documents of this like this also have this tag so very very handy I I'm really excited we got that in and then the last feature is over here there's some more options for working with the file so that's back and so back in the PDF so if you need to get the path of the file you can just copy it and it'll copy to the clipboard you can also show file which will bring up the finder the problem on Linux unfortunately can bring up the directory but he can't bring up the file but on Windows and Mac should work fine but I'm demoing on my limited machine and I think those are the main features that went into this release in the next version of polar is gonna have a bunch of stuff but I actually might also release an earlier version just to fix a few small a few small bugs that sort of crept in and as usual if you guys are loving polar and you guys are liking it please feel free to make a donation we still can't afford a continuous to integration server for polar which is really unfortunate because it wastes a lot of my time but uh you know please feel free to donate if you'd like to know where to donate you can go to this community tab and you can donate right here click to just click this link and it will open up the open collected page where you can download it and we made up $270 and I still hurt in there so if you guys could help me out there let me know also if you can if you can get your company to do it that'd be great because you know it's it's a tax benefit for them and usually as part of your employment they let you donate some amount of money so uh thanks thanks a lot and please give us some feedback on how your liking Polar. Posted on: 11 Jan 2019

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